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Monday, August 7,2017

8 Great Ways To Get Healthier

By Liz Sterling  

There are many events and trends happening in the world that we cannot control. Yes, we can voice our opinion, cast our vote, write letters, make ourselves heard - but where is the one place we can truly make headway and change? It dawned on me, the better I feel about myself, the better I feel about life in general. So this month, for our feature article, we take a turn toward self improvement, a direction in which we have many opportunities to implement new protocols that will help improve our overall wellbeing, positivity and longevity. Now that’s worth considering!


I’ve compiled a list of eight great ways to get healthier…. there are many, many more. Email me with your thoughts and we’ll share your ideas with our readers. August is often called the dog days of summer - I propose we call it the new ways of summer - so try something new and celebrate a healthier, happier you!

With love, Liz Email:

1 Get Deep Rest - Eight hours is ideal. Turn off electronics, make the room dark, prepare for sleep and create a meditative atmosphere.

2 Choose Healthy Food because the truth is you become what you eat. Look at labels, buy organic if it’ll make you feel better and is within your budget, and stay out of the middle aisles in the grocery store.

3 Exercise – seek opportunities to be physically active. Try 25 jumping jacks. Park your car further away and walk or take the stairs when you can. Even simple moving of the body will increase your sense of wellbeing.

4 Consider Eliminating Toxins from your Life - such as toxic thoughts, toxic foods, toxic work, toxic emotions and toxic relationships.

5 Go Outside and Be in Nature - “Fresh air is full of feelgood negative ions, which may boost oxygen flow to the brain,” says Kathleen Hall, PhD, founder of the Stress Institute in Atlanta. “If you can, combine it with exercise, like a brisk walk - activity boosts endorphins and energy.”

6 Use Conscious Language - Author and teacher Robert Tennyson Stevens says, “Every limited situation in our lives is existing because we are consenting, agreeing, resisting, hating, bothered by, struggling with, settling with, whatever It is.” By using the tools of conscious language, we employ the power to change most situations. Using affirmative language such as I can, I am, I will, I choose, I create, when making outcome statements about things you desire, brings more positive results and aligns your mind and heart.

7 Attitude of Gratitude - I call gratitude the great elixir. No matter what mood I am in, if I can go to gratitude, my entire cellular system changes. It also brings more oxygen to the blood stream, enlivens more energy and generates a neurological surge of happiness to my mind, body and sprit.

At the very least, putting on a happy face translates to living a longer life. One study found that those who smiled the most lived an extra seven years on average. So flex those facial muscles every chance you get and add gratitude to your to-do list each and every day!

8 Everything happens for a reason - This is a fundamental and foundational principal for acceptance. Some things absolutely cannot be changed and no matter how painful or disheartening it may seem, the moment I remember there is a great opportunity to shift my perception and trust that everything happens for a reason, I am free from suffering.

Trust - Believe and See Peace in Your Heart… then go out and share it with others. This is how you can wake up tomorrow and know you are making a difference and changing the world, one happy healthier person at a time.

A writer, Huffington Post blogger, radio talk show host and motivational speaker. Listen to Liz’s radio show and inspiring celebrity interviews at


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