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Friday, December 2,2011

Yakitori Sake House

By Arnold Leir  

Say “Japanese” to famished friends and predictably they will enthusiastically respond “sushi.” Ask them to define “yakitori’ and they may look at you quizzically. Rather than resort to definitions, take them to Boca Raton’s Yakitori Sake House where they can experience this Japanese classic cuisine firsthand. Yakitori is a style of grilling that draws upon much larger palette than American BBQ. Chef/Proprietor Ben Jaine works with various meat, seafood and vegetables on wooden skewers. Each morsel is superbly seasoned and flamed over charcoal. The Shitake Mushroom ($2) tickles the taste buds, Pork Belly ($3) sports a rich texture while Beef with Scallions ($3) exudes a marvelous aroma. Try the Alligator ($5) and the Sea Bass ($6) for a pair delectable contrasting textures and flavors. The Chef’s passion can be seen in his presentations which often show a flair for the dramatic. A cylinder of brightly hued Spicy Tuna Tartar ($9) arrives precariously perched on the base of an inverted cocktail glass. The seafood appears to be floating in space far above the base platter. Black caviar and masago added more eye appeal while delicately drawn octagons of colorful condiments share the trapezoidal platter with crisp triangular wafers as well as a mix of green and orange veggies. Other dishes gain their distinctiveness through combinations of flavors and textures. The crunch in Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice ($9) is unexpected yet totally tantalizing. The topping of zesty tuna and black tobiko make this opener a must have winner. You will have no problem locating your favorite roll or others that will become favorites. The signature Seabass Roll ($14) is a luscious blend of shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus and jalapeño wrapped in soy paper. The satiny combo is topped with succulent sea bass and displayed in a vibrant circular configuration.

Sushi($10) arrived as four perfectly shaped balls of rice providing the base for various shades of tuna, sea bass and salmon. Each meticulously crafted portion had its own spectrum of flavors, colors and textures. Of course, no meal would be complete without a serving of exceptional sake or wine, available by the glass or bottle. Choya Plum Wine ($10/glass) was extraordinary not only for its flavor but also its bright afterglow. Save some space for incredibly sensuous Mochi ($8) served in cool, rich shades of vanilla, red bean and green tea. The refined ambiance with its haunting shades of black and white tempered with touches of vibrant colors is appealing whether you sit on the covered patio or in the main dining room. Service is consistently professional and always friendly. To make a special event truly spectacular have Yakitori Sake House cater your next affair. Take out and limited delivery are also available.

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271 S.E. Mizner Blvd., Suite 41
(Tel) 561-544-0087
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