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Monday, May 6,2013

Exercising With a Tight Schedule

By Dana Gore  

One of the most common reasons people have for not exercising is lack of time throughout the day to squeeze it in. It seems that whether one is going to the office (or store, restaurant, bartending gig, etc) or working from home, taking the time for a workout session seems to end up last on the agenda.


So on that note, this month I am offering quick and efficient tips for the time-crunched individual. There are a couple of easy ways to go about this, so without wasting another precious moment, let’s get to it! Tip #1 – Combination Exercises Combination exercises are two or more movements combined into one and offer a LOT in return for your time. The benefits include maximizing caloric expenditure and sparing minutes by working several muscle groups at one time. An example of a combination exercise would be a squat with a bicep curl. With this one movement, you would work your biceps and forearms (elbow joint) in addition to your entire lower body (hip and knee joints) at once rather than with two separate exercises. If you do the math (I’ll allow a calculator), you’ll understand how this equates to double the work in half the amount of time. Can I get a hallelujah?

Tip #2 – Several Short Increments For some people, even 20-30 minutes may be tough to spare. If this is the case, then consider doing several 5-10 minute mini-workouts throughout the day. For example, first thing in the morning can count as one ten minute session of pushups and core exercises. Midday could be another consisting of a short walk or perhaps some seated dumbbell presses and then wrap it up with an after dinner stroll in the evening. Do you see how easy that was?

Now before I go, let me just say this… Experience has taught me that if the desire to work out is strong enough, nothing will prevent you from doing so. Not lack of time, space, nor equipment. NOTHING! I made time to exercise while working two different jobs, attending school AND studying. This is because I was focused and my desire to exercise was stronger than any perceived limitations.

Another tip - figure out your “why”.

Once you are clear on your motivating factor(s), sit back and watch time magically become available. See for yourself!


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