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Monday, June 3,2013

How to Drop Ten Sizes in a Week

By Dana Gore  

Haha made you look! Admit it – you know you were curious. Who wouldn’t be? Terms like this dominate the search engines.


And this is because it’s what people desire. A quick fix to something that took years to create. Unfortunately though, even with the abundance of instant gratification “remedies” advertised, this weight management pickle we continue to find ourselves in only seems to be getting worse.

Why is this? Because the weight isn’t the problem. Our self-worth or lack of it IS. I mean, anything we obsess over and identify with we inadvertently mis manage, so why should our weight be any different?

Of course, I write this in response to the recent declaration made by the president of a particular apparel company in regard to what “class” of people he prefers to cater to. Am I as angry as everyone else seems to be?

Actually, no. I think the message itself is being mismanaged, so let me offer a different perspective.

Getting angry with someone who speaks their own truth, regardless of whether or not it’s deemed as nice or kind, is placing our worth on the opinions of others. Now I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t feel that this man is out to hurt anyone. He’s just wearing a label.

We all identify with these labels because we base our worthiness on them…only in this case, instead of us rejecting ourselves, someone out there is rejecting us. It’s really nothing more than a reflection of our own innernature. A perspective we hold about ourselves and others. One that deserves to be questioned.

The truth is, when we value ourselves simply because we exist, it wouldn’t matter what anyone else says. Or where they “allow” us to shop. Or what they label us as… Because any power assigned out there will remain in the hands of those out there. And since we have no control over how anyone else views their reality, it’s rather pointless to be angry with them over what and how they think, isn’t it?

You don’t need to drop ten sizes in a week. You only need to love and accept yourself. If the owner of the store loved himself, he wouldn’t feel the need to ostracize anyone for any reason, would he?

And we all know he isn’t exactly an example we’re looking up to!

Sticks and stones…


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