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Friday, January 3,2014

The Power of Suggestion

By Brian Tracy  

The power of suggestion exerts a strong influence on you throughout your day, and throughout your life. One of the keys to success is to take complete control of the suggestive influences that you allow to reach your conscious and subconscious minds. You must make every effort to ensure that the mental influences around you are as positive as possible, just as you would only eat really healthy foods if you wanted to feel the best about yourself physically.

You are positively or negatively influenced by every sight, sound, thought, experience, and person in your world. If you watch negative or violent television programs, it affects you at an unconscious level and makes you a more negative person. If you listen to useless babble on the radio, it clogs up your mind as sludge clogs up a drain and makes you less effective. If you read unconstructive material in books, magazines, or newspapers, it fills your mind with mental garbage that can demotivate you and make you more easily discouraged.


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