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Tuesday, May 6,2014

The Relevant- Story Close TELL A HAPPY STORY

By Brian Tracy  

Nobel Prize-winning research has been done into the subject of “dual-brain laterality”. This is an academic way of saying that human beings have both a left and a right brain, each having completely different functions. The left brain, for example, is used to process details in a linear fashion, one after the other.


The right brain, on the other hand, integrates information and is activated by pictures, music, and stories. All buying decisions are made by the right brain, so this is what you must appeal to.

One of the best techniques that I have found is what I call a “by the way” story. “By the way,” you say, “this reminds me of Susan Smith, one of our customers from XYZ Company. Just last week, she told me that she had been concerned about our high price before she bought this item, but afterward, she found that the additional benefits she got from a slightly higher price were greatly in excess of the difference in cost”.

Whenever you use a relevant-story close, talk about how satisfied people are now that they are using what you are selling. Since the deepest human motivation is the desire to be happy, when you tell about other happy customers, you trigger an unconscious desire on the part of your prospect to become a happy customer as well.


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