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Tuesday, July 8,2014

Speaking positively

By Mort Crim  

How often misused words generate Misleading thoughts!


Of all the so-called success secrets, the most important is to be positive. It works in busi ness. It works in personal relationships. Most of us prefer asso ciating with people who are for something instead of against everything. And it’s not that difficult to take a positive approach. So much of our negativism is merely habit.

An easy first step for breaking the habit is to change the way we speak. Whenever possible, instead of saying we’re against something we can say what we’re for!

If you’re a boss, instead of saying to your employee, ‘Why can’t you ...?“ change the wording to “What if we did it this way?”

If you’re a wife or husband, instead of telling your spouse, “I hate it when…", phrase it in the positive, “Wouldn’t it be bet ter if...?” If you’re a parent, instead of yelling at your child, “ You never do anything around here,” why not try, “You know, at times we’ve had some problems getting things done…” These seem like simple changes...and they are. But the results from such a positive approach can be positively astounding. Not only do positive people get more done - they have more fun.

In an electrical circuit the positive wire always carries the juice. It’s the same in our relationships where the positive per son inevitably turns out to be the live wire.


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