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Tuesday, August 5,2014

Can I get enough protein on a Raw-Vegan Diet?

By Brigitte Lang  

This is the #1 question people have when they are considering a raw-vegan diet. People think protein comes only from meat, dairy or at least soy, and without eating at least some of those foods, they won´t get enough. As a matter of fact every living cell contains protein: every plant cell has protein as a basic constituent in its cytoplasm. Vegetables contain protein! Seeds and nuts obviously contain proteins. Seaweeds and algae are very rich sources also. Factually, your body doesn´t use whole proteins - it must break these down into amino acids. Plant proteins generally break down for assimilation more quickly than animal proteins and are often found already in the form of amino acids.

Horses, cows, deer, elephants, and gorillas are natural vegetarians - where does all their muscle and body mass come from? Grass, leafy greens, and in the case of the gorilla, fruit! The meat and dairy industries have spent millions on advertising to convince people the only way to get protein is from meat and dairy products. In fact, the protein in meat is coagulated and in a form that the body cannot assimilate easily, and cannot use effectively.

The fact is, your body needs 22 amino acids in order to build protein molecules and muscles. Of these 22 amino acids, there are 8 which the body cannot make and must get from outside sources. All 8 are available in raw plant foods and a form which is easily assimilated and used by the body. All the protein your body needs can be gotten from raw nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.

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