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Monday, July 6,2015

Vacation Do's and Dont's

By Ashley Dixon  

It’s summer time and imagine taking that vacation you have been waiting for all year. You pack your stuff, situate the kids, make arrangements for your pet, deal with the traffic, and hang out at your destination. After all the craziness of getting there, you close your eyes to wake up and realize that vacation is over and its time to go back home; But, you don’t feel refreshed. You actually feel relieved that the vacation is over because all the preparation, planning, and moving around is over.

Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

One big problem with vacations is that they could be more stressful than real life. Sometimes getting so wrapped up with getting to the vacation, we forget to actually be on vacation. To help out a bit, here are some quick vacation Do’s and Don’ts to remember this summer.

When vacationing, do keep the itinerary as simple as possib l e . When your vacation includes various time-constrained activities, it can lead to unnecessary stress of getting somewhere on time. Also, do come to your vacation patient. There are going to be many obstacles that you will face while on vacation, but how you react to these problems will make all the difference on your stress levels. Leaving towards your destination early can assist with your patience. In addition to coming patient, do come prepared. Write a list of all the things you need and create a comfortable budget to stick by to better prepare yourself for the day. Don’t bring work to vacation. If you have a business or an extremely demanding job, plan to have someone take over and handle the ins and outs while you are away. Do pick one day in your vacationing to do nothing. Vacations are all about relaxing and resetting the mind and body. It would be difficult to do that if everyday is planning ripping and running with family. The alternative would also be to plan a relaxing spa day.

Lastly, don’t forget to fulfill your goals for your vacation. Some people have bucket list items and others just want to relax, but either way, make each vacation a moment to remember.


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