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Monday, November 2,2015

Muscle Maker Grill

By Arnold Leir  



Deliciously Affordable Scrumptious, Healthy Cuisine

230 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, Publix Shopping Center. • (Tel) 954-429-1818

With the ever growing awareness that quality food is the key to good health, Muscle Maker Grill in Deerfield Beach stands out as a beacon for everyone seeking inexpensive wholesome and flavorful cuisine. Both the grass-fed beef as well as the chicken are all natural, and the menu is packed with gluten-free specialties.

The restaurant’s interior is softly modernistic and quite stylish, pulsating with deep reds, blacks and metallic accents. The unpretentious decor is quite appealing. An open kitchen dominates one side of the dining room, which offers an array of comfortable seating. Floor to ceiling windows allow the setting sun to fill the room with a radiant soft glow which eventually yields to the quiet tones of the recessed lighting. The reassuring voices of Viera and Paul Chovan, your guides to all the delectable offerings, guarantee a most enjoyable dining experience.

Everything we eat here is a delight: quality farm-fresh ingredients cooked to order, ingeniously prepared with touches of genuine inspiration, A starter of Italian Wedding Soup ($2.99/$5.99) has a soothing complexity generated by the blend of petit chicken meatballs, spinach, satiny pasta and a fragile lightly seasoned broth.

Our Italiano Salad with Chicken ($9.29) is an adroit assemblage of tender grilled filet, fresh spinach, roasted red pepper, Romaine lettuce and reduced fat mozzarella, A delectable fat-free and gluten-free balsamic vinaigrette adds little bursts of intense flavor.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter slim and fit attractive athletic types of all ages planning to eat in or take out some of the kitchen’s premium healthy creations. It’s reassuring to see that vibrant, well-groomed customers who obviously take intense pride in their well-being and appearance are longtime patrons of this restaurant.

The reason for their patronage becomes obvious when you delve into the Grilled Entree ($9.99) cooked to order and cleverly crafted with touches of genuine inspiration. The harmonious suite of steamed broccoli, perfectly baked potato and sumptuously grilled chicken is remarkably appealing in its mouthwatering simplicity.

The Godfather ($9.99) is a photogenic dream dish that harmonizes an abundance of portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, grilled chicken and low-fat  mozzarella resting on a base of fresh broccoli. A heavenly balsamic vinaigrette sauce elevates each morsel to new heights.

Our refreshing fresh fruit Mango Smoothie ($4.99) accompanied us throughout dinner. Other smoothies and the popular Big Protein Shakes are sure to please. See the complete restaurant menu at www.musclemakergrill.

com All multi-day meal plans offered by Muscle Maker Grill are spectacular, both in their quality and pricing (starting at $7 per meal) as well as their immense variety. For more information about the various meal plans visit


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