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Monday, December 7,2015

Stop your dog from jumping up

By Pet Expert  

The holiday season is here and that means visiting family and house guests will be coming to your home. Most times your dog jumping on you or your guest is because their are excited to see you and it is there way greeting. However, a dog jumping on you or people who come to your house can quickly become a nuisance and maybe get someone hurt. Here are some tips for stopping the fourlegged dog from becoming a twolegged standing one:

1) Start young

This applies for almost any training, but if you let the behavior continue into your dog’s adulthood it will only get harder to break. If you start when they are only puppies, a lot more progress can be accomplished.

2) Hitting the dog is worthless

Don’t hit your dog or push him down forcefully when he jumps on you. He won’t understand and may even think you’re playing with him.

3) Less attention is more

When your dog jumps up, don’t pet him, this will only make things much worse. Instead, when you see the dog about to jump, turn and start to walk away without saying anything. After he misses or just glances off of you, he might just get the idea.

4) Use other commands

If your dog has learned the most basic command of “Sit” use it in your favor. As he´s thinking about jumping, tell him to sit. If he complies, get down to his level, and reward him with a good pet or a treat.

That will give your dog the impression that it’s better to stay down.

5) Use Pet Corrector

Pet corrector makes a loud hissing noise to distract your dog and therefore stops unwanted behavior such as jumping up, barking, chasing and begging. Ensure that your dog is rewarded immediately after the behavior has ceased. Your dog will quickly learn the difference between good and bad behavior and will always prefer a treat over a scolding.


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