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Friday, November 3,2017

Brooklyn School Adopts Fully Meat Free Menu

The school is the first in Brooklyn to ditch meat altogether from its menu

By PBN Contributor  

A become the first in the borough to drop all meat from its menu, according to the nonprofit Coalition for Healthy School Food.

P.S.1 Bergen Elementary School has adopted a completely vegetarian menu, as part of a program which helps schools transition toward a plant-based diet. The decision to launch a meat-free menu was student-driven - therefore making the school the third public one in the city to switch to vegetarian food only. 

1. Proud

Principal Arlene Ramos said in a statement that students demanded the change.

Ramos said:”My students have expressed an interest in healthier eating, and the school gave them the option to choose this menu.

“I am very proud of their decision.”

2. Food

The school has a vegan entrée of hummus on offer, as well as lentil sloppy Joes, pasta fagioli, Mexicali chili, braised black beans with plantains, and teriyaki crunchy tofu.

P.S. 1 joins school Flushing’s P.S. 244, and Lower Manhattan’s P.S. 343 in their move toward a plant-based diet.

3. Future

Hopefully more schools in the area will take up the veggie mantle.

Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of the Coalition for Healthy Food, said:

“There are several schools interested in having a vegetarian menu, but they share a building with other schools, and all principals in the building have to agree to menu changes.”

Diana is a London-based journalist dedicated to delivering quality content in the world of vegan news. She is a recent media graduate with extensive journalism experience, and writes in hopes of making a difference. She is passionate about plant based nutrition, petting animals, and cruelty-free beauty. You can follow Diana on Instagram and Twitter @ dianalupica.


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