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Saturday, June 2,2018

Vegan on the Road

By Karen Ellis-Ritter  


A common concern regarding adopting a vegan lifestyle is how to eat while traveling, or on the road. There are a variety of options at every turn; it just takes a little preparedness.

The Cooler If you are on a road trip, packing a cooler is the easiest and most affordable option. You never have to worry about what’s at the next rest stop, or where the nearest vegan-friendly restaurant is.

If you are a coffee person like I am, plant-based milks and creamers aren’t always available at local coffee shops – and even if they are, we all have our preferences. I always bring a small container of my Silk soy creamer with me. If you are planning on stopping somewhere for breakfast bagels, it may be a good idea to also bring some Kite Hill almond cream cheese or a nondairy butter like Earth Balance or Miyoko’s Kitchen.

Are you a fan of sandwiches? You can also stock your cooler with vegan deli slices from Yves, Tofurky or Field Roast, Follow Your Heart or Field Roast dairy-free sliced cheese, Just Vegan Mayo and a good organic sliced bread like Eureka or Dave’s. Nut/seed butters are a great option for sandwiches as well.

I always make cold salads like “eggless” tofu salad or vegan mock “tuna” salad. There are tons of good recipes online. They are easy to eat right out of the container and protein-dense. You can also make cold pasta salad or potato salad.

Fruit, nuts, trail mix, carrot sticks, hummus, vegan protein bars, and crunchy snacks are also excellent, quick-access appetite satisfiers on the road.

Note: If you are going to a hotel, make sure they have a mini-fridge so that all those yummy foods won’t spoil!


In addition to accessing Google maps and Yelp, there are a couple very helpful smartphone apps that can assist you. Happy Cow can geo-locate nearby veganfriendly restaurants.

Vegan XPress is another useful app that helps you find vegan-friendly options in common chain and fast food restaurants. You can find vegan options at many places such as: Olive Garden, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Kona Grill, Sweet Tomatoes, White Castle, Au Bon Pain, Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread, Pollo Tropical, Subway and more!

Obviously, if you are health conscious, you may want to pack a healthy lunch or opt for a grocery store, instead. But no matter what, you won’t go hungry if you travel as a vegan!


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