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Monday, January 3,2011

There is a positive aspect to comparison

By Dana Gore  

There is a positive aspect to comparison.

Looking at someone else’s seemingly perfect body isn’t always a bad thing as long as it’s used as a motivational tool only. When we aren’t taking care of ourselves because we’re busy taking care of everyday responsibilities we often don’t pay much attention to our bodies. Weight creeps up, muscles atrophy and before we know it, we aren’t presenting our best. Sometimes a little healthy competition can remind us that we don’t look or feel the way we want to in comparison with other people who do make health and fitness a priority. If this can be used as a tool to enable us to look within and be honest with ourselves about where we are vs. where we’d like to be, then comparing our bodies to others can be a positive thing. When I used the comparison tool a while ago, it simply reminded me that I wasn’t at my best and it was time to change that.


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