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Monday, August 1,2011

Free Yourself!

By Deborah Brown, Ph.D., MBA  

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that something MUST happen for you to be more satisfied or more successful in your business? You might even be thinking right now that you NEED a particular account, or a company HAS to hire you as a vendor, or you have NO CHOICE but to take your business in a particular direction.

What happens when you become so fixed or attached to one future outcome that seemingly MUST happen? Are you at your best – maximizing your chances of success? Or are you irritable and tired from restless nights, edgy and anxious, distracted, and not really yourself?

Free yourself from the idea that something “must” happen to make your business vision a reality! I’ve personally seen over and over again that people who fail to get “the” big contract or “the” deal of the millennium can still find a new way – even a better way – to reach their goals. And I’ve also seen people get exactly what they thought they wanted, only to watch their profits fall as a result. Your business is not dependent on any one particular event. In my own career, I remember stating on a conference call that my recent hire at a particular company felt like winning the lottery, and it quickly turned out to be the lowest point of my career. Conversely, I sent my resume without a cover letter on a whim and was hired less than a week later for one of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve ever done. My vision of career satisfaction hasn’t changed much over the years, but I’ve become much more open about how to make that vision are ality. None of us has a crystal ball to see what will happen in the future. We can only make the best choices we can right now while remaining (as much as possible) relaxed, optimistic, and open to all possibilities.

So free yourself from the idea that there is only one way forward! As Terry Josephson wrote, “Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities!”


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