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Monday, November 5,2012

To My Readers:

By Roger Zona  

The 6th Phase of our retirement home re-do is to examine the roof and determine if replacement is needed.



Existing Condition:

I walked the roof and determined that it needed replacement. The asphalt shingles were brittle and I wanted a different color, as well. The shingles may last another 5 to 10 years, but I opted for a new roof.

The Project:

I researched the different products available and found a metal shingle that looked like slate. It is approx. 16” deep and 48” long, and has a slate texture. Many colors are available and I selected an earth-tone. The old roof and tar-paper sub-roof is removed and disposed of in a Dumpster. The plywood is generally sound but there was evidence of a leak in a couple spots. The damaged plywood will be replaced before new a new application of building paper is installed. An inspection is made and the new metal shingles are installed. I also opted for a ventilating ridge. This allows the hot air in the attic to escape. The roofers also installed new flashing around the fireplace chimney. While the workers were on the roof I had the brick chimney pointed an new mortar installed. The terra cotta flue liners were in good condition which indicated the previous owner didn’t use the fireplace very often.

I had the roof over the carport removed completely because my next project is to enclose the existing carport space with a green house.

Estimated Cost:

I budgeted $10,000 for new roofing, including the chimney work, the carport demolition and new fascia board throughout. I will do the painting.

Expected Results:

The completed roof looks to be so real it will deceive most people who will think it is a slate roof

Next Project:

The rear deck overlooks some lawn and a small lake. I will expand the deck to provide more seating room and outdoor entertaining when we have a BBQ party.



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