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Friday, November 1,2019

Animal Hero Kids Hall of Fame!

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of  
A 14-year-old who rescues animals from factory farms... a six-year-old who helps her mum care for a starving pony... an eight-year-old who raps to speak up for other animals not to be harmed... a 12-year-old who turned her entire family vegan by asking questions about the history of the food on her plate... an eight-year-old who called for a memorial for bear families who were killed in hunting... a school head who turned her school food plant-based to counteract climate change... twins who petitioned their local city commissioners to ban the sale of puppies... a 16-year-old who encourages plant-based eating and created an awareness day about the dangers of plastic for wildlife... siblings who combine efforts to be voices for the voiceless... and a 60-year-old who saw animal abuse as a child, and vowed to make a real difference by speaking and activating so other animals would not be harmed, and to educate and empower youth to compassionate action.

These ingredients and more are poured into the “Animal Hero Kids: Voices for the Voiceless” book written by that 60-year-old Animal Hero Kids founder mentioned above, and the writer of this article.

On November 2, 2019 at the Animal Hero Kids Summit and Celebration, history will be made with a stellar Animal Hero Kids Hall of Fame line up. There will be an unprecedented meeting of all of the compassionate kids and teens I have met over the many years. I am so thankful to Gabe Oria and Mike Leaming, who will be filming for the Animal Hero Kids documentary throughout this epic event.

I gave the first Animal Hero Award approximately 20 years ago to a fifth grader in Lauderhill, Florida, who, despite the opinions of his friends, rescued an injured mourning dove. Sydale had an Animal Hero card I gave to him at a school assembly in his pocket, when he saw an injured mourning dove on his way to school. So he knew exactly the correct actions to take to ensure the mourning dove the best chance at survival. Yes, the dove was released after a licensed wildlife center cared for him.

Currently, I am in communication with Sydale to see if he can attend the Animal Hero Kids Evening Celebration with his daughter. I am determined to unite the youth in the “Animal Hero Kids: Voices for the Voiceless” book at the summit and celebration. The power of the Animal Hero Kids documentary to bring the stories from the book to life, combined with an inarguable visual vehicle, will be a first. If you wish to help Animal Hero Kids’ lifesaving goal and win-win mission of fostering empathy, please go to the website


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