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Monday, May 4,2020

Spring Sprouts Earth Hero Kids!

By Susan Hargreaves  
The birds are singing louder, our feathered neighbors are busy in their homes getting ready for the day the fledglings leave their nests. Did you know baby birds jump up and down from the ground until they jump higher and higher and then – presto – the magic of flight happens? Sometimes this process can take a few days and the parent bird feeds the fledgling from the ground. Spring is not the time to trim trees or bushes or put pesticides or herbicides around. Okay, how about never, is never a good time to put chemical poisons in the ground?

This IS the perfect time of year to grow a project of Animal Hero Kids. For decades now, each time I give a #kind2all presentation in a school, we arrange for the kids to enjoy free, vegan fare to conclude the program whenever possible. This year Animal Hero Kids is preparing for the largest ever World Animal Hero Kids Month in October – #Animalherokidtober.

One great way people can elect to participate is by offering free vegan fare in their own community, wherever they may be. Local governments, schools, events will be treated to Earth Hero Kids’ scrumptious vegan goodies sourced from local plant-based restaurants and caterers.

If you wish to sign up to participate, donate or support World Animal Hero Kids Month go to

Why Earth Hero Kids you might ask? Why, Plant-Based Fare, Only?

Good questions! The most powerful way to help the earth, counteract climate change, and help other animals, is to eat plant-based; yes, going vegan is the new hybrid car, it’s the water to extinguish the house on fire – it’s the answer.

More local governments are looking into how to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis in their own communities. South Florida cities are wondering how to slow down erosion, pollution and other negatives.

Animal Hero Kids is determined to help in our communities, and each Hero Kids happening is the vegan foot in the door. How can anyone argue with scrumptious, healthy vegan fare? It’s a win-win.

So as we listen to the birds singing and spring springing, let’s raise our glasses of strawberry, banana almond milk smoothies, and toast to a the future where the world will consider all other species and the planet. The answer is right at the bottom of your fork.

Spring Smoothie

• Frozen organic banana (Time saving tip: cut up bananas before freezing)

• Frozen organic strawberries

• A splash of vanilla extract

• Almond or coconut milk, preferably unsweetened vanilla flavor Put all ingredients in a blender.

Cover fruit with plant milk, blend, and serve in frosted glasses with a dusting of dark chocolate or a vegan wafer biscuit. If you want a caffeine pick-me-up, replace the strawberries with cinnamon, cold coffee and/or chocolate powder.


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