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Friday, May 5,2023


By Jon Ellis  
Some of the most grateful and happiest people on the planet are ironically some of the poorest materially. Family, close relationships, and love are at the very core of their lives and values. That is certainly not to say that we can’t have material success and abundance and still be grateful and happy, as one has nothing to do with the other. It is never about how little or how much we possess that is important, only being thankful for what we do have. An ungrateful person has not yet realized or has forgotten to appreciate and to be aware of all the amazing divine blessings and beauty, which surround each of our lives in every present moment. As a neglected plant will wither, without gratitude, on silent feet our blessings will slip from our lives, whether it is our career, possessions, health, or our dearest companions.

Life after life, through a relentless cycle of desire and manifestation, human consciousness and society fool us into squandering all of our precious focus, energy, and time, chasing after what we don’t have or need, like wanting our own pool, boat, fancy estate or an easier life.

We go through life working hard, imagining each day how wonderful and exciting our lives ‘will’ be… if only. If and when our goals are finally achieved, we are only momentarily elated and thankful. The enjoyment is only short-lived as indifference and dissatisfaction quickly set in. The pool sits unused and now we desire a bigger house, a more expensive yacht. Even the easier life we sought turns to boredom, which we quickly fill with chasing new distractions.

Gratitude is the appreciation of Divine love, the Universal attracting principle and agent that bonds together all thought, emotions, and matter. When we are loving, positive and grateful for all we have, the creative flow nourishes us, infusing peace, harmony, and alignment into every atom of our being. In this state of appreciation, life miraculously expands for us and our endeavors flourish. If we are going through very difficult times, it is important to find our way back to being appreciative, for ingratitude is often the precise cause of the hardship we now face.

While life may not appear to improve outwardly all at once, if we maintain a grateful spirit, we will attract all of those wonderful conditions, experiences, and possessions to manifest that are spiritually in our best interest. It is okay to want, but remember to give thanks for what we already have.

Be joyous, for if we have nothing but our conscious selves to be grateful for, we already possess the greatest treasure of all!


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