Happy Herald - Restaurant Reviews https://www.happyherald.com/articles.sec-8479-1-restaurant-reviews.html <![CDATA[LA BAMBA]]> Looking for a restaurant with delectable dishes, with prices that won’t drain your IRA and an ambiance that exudes warmth and charm? Then gather the family or carpool with friends and head to La Bamba Mexican and Spanish Restaurant in Margate where there is more sizzling in the kitchen than fajitas.]]> <![CDATA[Indian Harvest in Boca Raton]]> This East Boca restaurant, a warm and inviting step into India, is celebrating its grand reopening. Owner Ramesh Patil greeted us setting the tone for professional, cheerful service in an environment that emphasizes social distancing, masks and more to keep its diners safe. ]]> <![CDATA[Robot Brewing Co.]]> Attention all Funky Buddha fans. Except for the new sign above the entrance, the spirit and ambiance of Boca Raton’s Funky Buddha is being preserved by Robot Brewing Company.]]> <![CDATA[Jimmy C’s Italian Deli and Market]]> The latest in this galaxy is Jimmy C’s, a delightful haven located in the upper north end of Federal Highway. What Chef Angrisani creates is unquestionably some of Boca’s finest cuisine. Don’t be misled by the terms “deli” and “market.]]> <![CDATA[La Bamba]]> At La Bamba in Delray, one can find a setting for every season and occasion, Attention to detail and love of art illustrated by dynamic frescoes and artifacts throughout the spacious dining rooms provide endless pleasure to patrons of all ages.]]> <![CDATA[Pavilion Grille]]> life may not always be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should dance. Even though you haven’t danced in a while, don’t fret, because dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is something else.]]> <![CDATA[Waterway Café]]> One if by land and two if by sea – so goes the legend, but at Palm Beach Garden’s Waterway Café, customers can come by land and by sea. Abundant space is available for vehicles and boats. The elegant waterside ambiance has been a draw for three decades.]]> <![CDATA[Bagel Tree Restaurant]]> With the fiery afternoon sun streaming through the floor to ceiling windows, the elegantly designed interior of Delray Beach’s Bagel Tree glows with an intense light that radiates throughout the dining room. The hypnotic effect is intensified by spectacular angular mirrors that reflect the sparkling wooden floors and a striking granite wall.]]> <![CDATA[Crazy Uncle Mike’s]]> The view that Crazy Uncle Mike’s is Boca Raton’s most innovative venue may seem a bit over the top, but one visit will convince you that this observation is on target. Proprietor Mike Goodwin has assembled a micro brewery, a world class menu and an entertainment package the likes of which has never been seen in Boca.]]> <![CDATA[Boca Bagel Bar Gourmet Deli]]> Boca Bagel Bar raises the bar when it comes to delectable creations. Superlative bagels are freshly baked every morning and are a joy whether you prefer them with one of the dozen tempting schmears or as the foundation for a fabulous breakfast or lunch sandwich.]]> <![CDATA[Conte’s Italian Deli, Gourmet Market and Pizza]]> When does a deli become a gourmet restaurant? When it is owned and operated by the renowned chef, Bob Conte, owner of the now closed Regalo recognized in its heyday as one of Fort Lauderdale’s ten best restaurants.]]> <![CDATA[Delray Grille]]> There is always a place in Delray for a first class grill, especially when the current crop is over priced and nor quite up to par. At the recently opened Delray Grille, cooking is a disciplined art where the inventiveness and refinement of classically modern cuisine shines through.]]> <![CDATA[Killer Dogs]]> Until recently, the only place to purchase a quality beef hot dog was a Kosher deli. All that has changed, however, with the arrival of Delray Beach’s Killer Dogs owned and operated by Kathryn Cohen and Glenn Nathan. This talented duo has not only reformulated the fresh all beef frank, but has transformed it into a gourmet masterpiece.]]> <![CDATA[Waterway Café]]> Open with such masterstrokes such as the Gazpacho with its endearing broth enlivened with cucumber, onions, and tomatoes and capped with crunchy croutons and crème fraiche. “Irresistible” is the best way to describe the Wedge Salad featuring a stack of lettuce served with a delectable blend of shredded carrots, crumbled bacon, blue cheese, red onion, touches of hard boiled egg and a glorious blue cheese dressing.]]> <![CDATA[LChloe Café and Rolled Ice Cream]]> Boca Raton’s Southwest 18 Street is justifiably famous for its collection of fine restaurants, and just before you arrive at Jog Road be sure to visit L’Chloe, a gem of three interconnected pavilions with high pitched roofs. The complex with its vast patio and breathtaking panorama has the flare of a French château`.]]> <![CDATA[Artur’s European Food and Deli]]> Its not often that I sit at a restaurant table surrounded by literally hundreds of gourmet delicacies. Artur’s European Food and Deli in Lantana draws upon the vast culinary traditions of Europe, especially those of the Central and Eastern tiers.]]> <![CDATA[El Atico Market and Café]]> <![CDATA[Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen]]> More than a century ago someone (not Bismarck) made a comparison between laws and sausages, a rather unkind link (no pun intended) because sausages are utterly delicious, especially those from Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen. I have never heard anyone call laws “delicious.]]> <![CDATA[Robot Brewing Co.]]> Attention all Funky Buddha fans. Except for the new sign above the entrance, the spirit and ambiance of Boca Raton’s Funky Buddha is being preserved by Robot Brewing Company.]]> <![CDATA[Pepperoni Grill]]> The spacious dining room is light, airy and filled with works of art that are as soothing as they are charming, Large comfortable booths, polished wooden tables and other furniture provide a muted elegance as do the marble accents of the open kitchen situated near the entrance.]]>