Happy Herald - Dog World with Tina https://www.happyherald.com/articles.sec-8528-1-dog-world-with-tina.html <![CDATA[A Brothers’ Tale]]> Once upon a time a cute pup found himself alone and dirty, in a backyard. An old smelly crate was available to take cover during the rain. Wondering how this happened, and what he could possibly have done wrong? Roger started out as a beloved family member, an inside-the-house dog in Miami-Dade County’s agricultural area.]]> <![CDATA[Princess of the Greens]]> Cathy was a down-on-herluck pup in a rural shelter in Georgia. At just five months old, this russet-colored hound mix tried her best to catch someone’s eye. She stood up and greeted everyone passing her kennel, wagging her tail.]]> <![CDATA[A Dog Can Dream ]]> After the loss of my canine predecessor, my family took some time to heal. The void in their home and hearts begged to be filled. This sassy Yorkshire Terrier arrived at 12 weeks old, via the west coast of Florida. Frankly,...]]> <![CDATA[Unexpected Additions]]> Two large senior dogs were in need of new homes, preferably together. They didn’t expect this disruption to their cushy life. A heartbreaking dilemma, I strived to maintain my focus on finding the right home(s). The pool of prospective adopters shrinks to a tiny mud puddle when people hear a dog is 10-plus years old.]]> <![CDATA[From Hausfrau to Supermodel ]]> Almost every dog lover imagines their coveted canine emblazoned in print, scattered across social media – maybe even getting paid in something besides dog treats. Having a pretty pooch isn’t all it takes. What can you do to tip the scales to attain 15 minutes of fame and make you an even better dog parent?.]]> <![CDATA[A Dog, A Crab and Indelible Lessons]]> Let’s be honest. Last year really stunk. Nothing would surprise me, not even an alien invasion. There was one bright spot – something unexpected, so small, and seemingly insignificant. And yet she brought hope, illuminating the lives of millions of people.]]> <![CDATA[Canine Cupboard ]]> Tuna casserole is my comfort cuisine. Any time I make this, it takes me back to family meals with my siblings in our childhood home in Coconut Creek. It’s a bowl of happiness. As much as I love it, I sure don’t want it for every meal, day in and day out.]]> <![CDATA[Anthropomorphism ]]> The depth of the bonds we form with our dogs is astonishing – in spite of our species being vastly different. Scentual information is innately instinctive for dogs, from the moment they take their first breath. Through out their lives, dogs continue to rely on their main sense: smell.]]> <![CDATA[A Pickle and an Olive ]]> Due to COVID/quarantine, she was spending more time home, alone. The local shelter wouldn’t even allow her in to the kennels to see what was available. She had a feeling it was due to her “maturity level.” Dr. Jon asked if he could pass along my number, and if I knew of any (non-puppy) dogs in need of a great home.]]> <![CDATA[Finding Hope and Joy ]]> I often extol (some say rant) about the importance and benefits of daily walks, for us humans and our canine companions. As improved health, fitness, weight loss, socialization, fresh air and sunshine boost our immune systems, abundance awaits, tangible and intangible.]]> <![CDATA[The Perfect Storm ]]> A peppy octogenarian friend contacted me, telling me they decided they want a dog. “GREAT! So many dogs need homes!” I said. “I’ll help you find the perfect match.” It is my sixth sense, after all. This wonderful person has had their share of heartache, and certainly deserves joy and happiness. What’s better than a dog to make you smile, get you out walking and heal the heart?! ]]> <![CDATA[ Dog Disservice ]]> Hurling our dog’s food onto the ground would be easy. It might be fun for them to chase down their kibbly-prey, take longer for them to eat, and we’d have less dishes! However, the risk of them ingesting bacteria, parasites, dirt and who knows what else, far outweighs any benefits.]]> <![CDATA[You’ve always loved dogs]]> I’m always amazed at people’s lack of dog skills, or unwarranted fear of dogs. Do you/your kids know how to correctly approach a dog? Ask permission from the owner to interact? Know polite, dog-welcome body language/ sounds to avoid being bitten? Can you all respect a dog’s personal space?.]]> <![CDATA[The ONE Thing ]]> In the United States, we are killing our kids and our pets, with “love.” A third of children (under age 19) are overweight or obese, along with more than half of our dogs and cats.]]> <![CDATA[Double Blessings]]> Growing up in New York, Laura Nolan had Candy, a German Shepherd mix. She has fond memories of many good times.]]> <![CDATA[Why Does My Dog..... ]]> Summertime, “H” season* and Fourth of July. Katie (rescued Aussie) is not happy. Dogs’ sight, sound and smelling senses are far more amplified than we can imagine. They pick up higher and lower frequencies, with the volume way up, and factor in changes in atmospheric pressure and winds blending scents.]]> <![CDATA[The Nicest People ]]> Dogs deserve the best food, fresh water, shelter from the elements, training, guidance, boundaries to ensure their health/ well-being/safety, veterinary care and daily exercise (physical and mental). This last item comes with a huge bonus.]]> <![CDATA[A Ruff Ride ]]> Erring on the side of caution (my standard mode), we battened down, far ahead of the quarantine directive. I haven’t left my house other than to walk dogs* and a bimonthly grocery trip. *Side note: you know you’re walking a LOT when your dogs hide from you as you’re putting on your shoes.]]> <![CDATA[Prison Break]]> Dee Hoult is the founder and lead trainer of Applause Your Paws, in Miami, Florida. Over the years, we have emailed, spoken on the phone, and done livestream interviews. Dee is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and a friend; yet we have never met in person.]]> <![CDATA[Reality Bites]]> Feeding, exercise, training, individual attention, bathing, etc. Our annual vet visit was scheduled for the first appointment of the day, to avoid our pack’s parade and interaction with a full reception area. We bought a full-size SUV to accommodate our furry children when we went on trips.]]>