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Thursday, May 7,2015

For the Love of Dog

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  
For the Love of DogIt´s easy to be an even better pet-owner

Use a regular lead/ leash, with the loop over your wrist. Avoid retractable or flexi leads. They are dangerous for you (the handler), your dog and any one (people or dogs) nearby. These leads can easily be pulled from your hand and/or the cable can snap. They encourage your dog to get away from you, which goes against solid training principles. Keep it simple, use a standard four to six foot lead!

We are what we eat. Our pets rely on us for food and treats that are good for them and enhance their vitality and well-being. Know what you´re feeding your dog. Read labels and avoid anything with corn, wheat, soy and/or by-products. Keep your pet at a healthy weight, and add years to their lives.

Help pets in need. Adopt, don´t purchase from a store. Donate gently used collars, leads, toys, linens, and bedding to your local shelter, humane society or favorite breed rescue. Attend events which support reputable animal causes.

Get out with your dog EVERY DAY, and walk. This allows them to perform their bodily functions, while getting exercise, and affirming their location. In case they ever escape, they will know the way back home, and neighbors get to know you with your pet. Dogs send and receive “messages” by leaving “messages”. Walking is also good for YOU! Stay off your phone. Talk to your dog ~ the best secret-keeper and therapist around!


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