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Saturday, July 4,2020

Using Virtual Clutter Clearing Services

By David Hall  
Where on Earth are we headed? Who really knows at this point?

At A Clutter Clearing Services, we are conducting business as best we can and wish you, your business, your family, friends and neighbors nothing but optimal health and well-being.

We are in a time where adaptation, flexibility, patience and perseverance are cornerstones for surviving and thriving. How in the world have you adapted? Here’s a peek at how I’ve been moving through “the new normal” by converting in-home services by incorporating those driven by technology.

For organizing and decluttering, my virtual business has taken off. Before COVID-19, I decluttered in person, but now these times require me to organize, declutter and design from a distance. Remotely. Virtually. Via FaceTime and Zoom. The delivery system is different but the experience is still transformational.

Just last week, I received a call from a retired homeowner in Maryland. She was reluctant to call and ask for help. Her voice was shaky and nervous. She was embarrassed. We discussed her home clutter clusters, her husband, the grown kids, all the while I’m wondering if she’s going to hang up in fear.

She hung in there and we probed deeper about the state of clutter, the relationship between “holding on” and “letting go,” and worked up a game plan to declutter by FaceTime the following week. In preparation, I requested she send a few pix of her clutter clusters. This decluttering business can be highly personal and requires deep diving and discretion.

We started on a small area to get best results and build trust, confidence and momentum. We agreed to work on the master bedroom vanity. To start, I began with some deep breathing exercises, setting an intention, and to calm my client’s nerves, for she was quite apprehensive.

Her husband joined us in organizing the countertop contents, all eight drawers, and the six wall cabinets – and we started by emptying the space entirely. Clean sweep, that’s the way to do it. After cleaning each surface, we began to identify what goes where. Matching like items together. Daily items nearby, once-in-awhile belongings placed a little higher up or deeper down. We also identified a woman’s shelter where she could donate unwanted items, and had a trashcan standing by for garbage disposal.

You might be thinking, “Anyone can do this, no big deal.” I assure you that this client, and so many before her, are in a near panic, and highly stressed when faced with making decisions about their stuff.

That’s where I come in, to guide the process, offer reassurance, and offer ongoing tips after our sessions are done.

It’s a combination of decluttering, space transformation, psychology, handholding, and listening with compassion, while presenting with authority. Not for everybody, but I sure do love it. The client outcome is freedom from old baggage, transformation to lightness, and the possibility of opening up to a new way of “holding on” and “letting go” of things. For many, this translates into minimalism. For others, it’s a great time to buy more stuff!

The client is so pleased, we’ve scheduled two more sessions, turning our attention, next, to the master bedroom closet.

If you or someone you know are fed up with clutter, surrounded by paper piles, or you’d like to jump start your own efforts, kindly contact A Virtual Clutter Clearing Services. My initial consultation is FREE of charge, and affordable thereafter. Give A a call and we’ll do what we do to make sense of the process, and ultimately help clear the clutter.

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