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Tuesday, June 7,2022

What’s Possible?

By David Hall  
If you’ve been following this column for a while or this is your first discovery, you will learn that my philosophy and attitude, passion and efficiency are hallmarks of proper organization in the home, online, and in life.

When we are organized in one area, chances are pretty good that we find order in many areas. Conversely, if we are unorganized in one area, we often adopt this more “chaotic” style in many areas.

So, what’s possible? Are habits inbred, trained over time, adaptable and ultimately transformable? I suppose it depends on whom you ask. For me, what’s possible is just about ANYTHING we put our minds to. “When we conceive (an idea) we achieve,” I was instructed in a workshop way back when. I believe that. Not just a positive attitude, but a positive attitude with a plan of action, a direction, and steps to achieve that goal.

Let’s try this for this month of June. It is a time we recognize Dads and Grads, both achieving great strides in their own right. Celebrating achievements is a valuable part of any process. We crave approval, acceptance and understanding… it’s in our DNA.

Now, down to the business of clutter, declutter, and getting organized.

My S.M.A.R.T. system to organizing anything starts off with START SIMPLY. Let’s. You have a car? How does it feel when you get into the driver’s seat? Is it clean as a whistle? Is it peppered with crumbs, food wrappers, receipts? How does it feel when your car is cleaned and attended to both inside and out? How about your glove box and center console? When’s the last time these storage bins have been cleared out and repurposed? Your trunk? It is a mobile garage… and likely needs tending too.

All doable. It’s a matter of making it a part of your day, or week, or monthly chores. You KNOW you can get it cleaned out, wiped down, and more or less spotless, with just a modest car wash drive through or a home driveway wash with the kids; and you also know that you feel better when your car is shiny, clean and orderly. So, what’s stopping you?

For most, I find the answer is in prioritization. “I don’t care that much,” “I don’t have the time,” “Every time I begin, something distracts me (phone, deadline, anything).”

The two most cited things that stand in the way of progress in organizing ANYTHING are:

1. Procrastination (lack of motivation)

2. Indecision (what do I do with this piece of paper?)

Action is your friend. Get out a garbage bag. Get rid of old papers that are finding sanctuary on your car floor. Toss the receipts you’re not needing. Keep three pens, not 30. In one hour (1), you can transform your car interior from chaos to clarity. Once you reintroduce yourself to your carpeted floor – get it vacuumed, get the mats vacuumed, and for $7 get to the car wash.

Got questions? Got issues? Give me a call/text/email/message and find out what’s possible for YOU and YOUR specific circumstance or crisis. Here to help. David H. Hall, CCCO of A Clutter Clearing Services, 561-706-7779.

Until next month,

Clear the Clutter… Clear the Mind™


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