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Wednesday, September 7,2022

How to Handle HOARDING

By David Hall  
First off, I’m not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. I am professional organizer and declutterer.

Having said that, I just recently completed a one-bedroom hoarder apartment project, hired by the landlord.

Imagine walking into a place, where you can’t see the floor. ANYWHERE! You can barely see the walls, for there is ripped furniture, cardboard boxes, plastic garbage bags, old moldy clothing, broken TVs, old DVD players, window screening, old papers and mail, counterfeit money experiments, broken glass, roaches, stench and grossness. Due to eviction, no plumbing and no electricity. The place smells of mildew and is a sight to behold (or not).

I was hired to empty out the entire apartment into a dumpster and to do so being: 1. Safe from hazardous waste 2. Safe and not hurting or cutting myself 3. Efficient and getting everything cleared out I brought in a helper, and in four hours we took on 50% of the hoarding mess. The next day, five hours more to finish the job. We took many water and fresh air breaks, wore N95 masks, protective goggles, thick gloves, and thick-soled shoes.

What a tragic place that someone called home. Hoarding is the act of collecting and keeping in an uncontrollable and ultimately unhealthy manner. I believe the hoarding personality looks externally for satisfaction from things. ANY thing. Whether it’s paper, glass, stone, metal, wood or otherwise, the hoarder has no basis of control, nor may seek any semblance of control. They are simply OUT of CONTROL. Make no mistake, we can all exhibit “Hoarding tendencies” like collecting sports memorabilia, stamps, coins and the like. But at some point we come to the conclusion that we have TMS (Too Much Stuff), and either organize, purge, sell or a combination.

The true Hoarder collects and stuffs every square inch of space with something. It is a disease, a condition. I learned not too long ago that there is help in the form of CLUTTERers ANONYMOUS. I’ve attended some meetings, and this program is based upon the 12-step AA meetings of support. There is help out there.

Pictured below you can see BEFORE and AFTER photos. With nine hours total time, we cleared out the apartment and FILLED an entire 6-by-30-feet dumpster to overflowing.

While you may not know a hoarder nor be one yourself, you may find the task of clearing, decluttering, organizing and designing your space a daunting challenge. You may be experiencing an OVERWHELMING feeling of being out of control. It may be a room, a shelf, a garage, or the entire home dwelling that requires not only TLC, but some guidance and direction. Sometimes we need coaching, a helping hand, or a supportive consultation that leads to a path of clarity.

The Hoarder needs help, but so do we all. We all benefit with a helping hand and an encouraging word.

If you yourself are “stuck” with TMS (Too Much Stuff) or know of someone looking to downsize, purge or move, consider We are proud of our five-star reputation, our ability to dive into the center of the “storm” and to do so without judgment. Caring, compassion, direction and decision-making are the hallmarks of our business. Visit us on Google Biz Pages, online at and at A Clutter Clearing. You’ll feel a sense of relief knowing that help is just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and call. 561-706-7779.

Wishing you well.

Wishing you Peace. Wishing a World of LOVE for all of us.


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