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Friday, May 5,2023

Spring Has Truly Sprung

By David Hall  
With the merry merry month of May upon us, spring has truly sprung.

“Though April showers
May come your way
They bring the flowers
That bloom in May….”
From the song written by Louis Silvers and Buddy DeSylva

For this month’s look at what’s possible with decluttering your home, consider that having an organized home is preferable over a disorganized home. True? True!

Now, what to do when things get out of hand?

First, don’t panic. Help is but a phone call or text away. Second, if using outside help for decluttering, downsizing and organizing is just too much to handle solely…

Then, you may want to use my S.M.A.R.T system to get the ball rolling.

S – Start Simply – By this I mean, take on an easier project early so you can find your rhythm, be successful rather than quitting, and build some momentum for that next area to declutter.

M – Mindset – For so many of us, we find this work tedious, a drudgery, a task to procrastinate over. I say, all valid concerns, BUT/AND when you get into the proper mindset, get a beverage, turn up the tunes, wear comfy clothing, the task will be less arduous and more revitalizing.

A – Action- Actions speak louder than words. So get in the trenches.

• Use a black garbage bag for garbage.

• Use a white garbage bag for donations

• Have a broom/dustpan available along with paper towels (rags) and some

• Cleaning spray. This way you can get going on that Start Simply location.

R – Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle – As you start to make decisions about what to keep, discard or donate, you realize your stuff has value. You may discover an outfit that was buried deep in your closet, and viola, a NEW OUTFIT has been discovered. You may also mix and match items, find those lost shoes, or even discover some cash in your purses and bags…. All good stuff. AND by donating your unwanteds, you enable others to have a better life with your gently used items.

Definitely feels good when you drop off bags upon bags of used clothing, worn shoes, and out-of-style purses to the charity of your choice.

T – Transformation - You will feel SO MUCH BETTER when you have given yourself the attention you deserve and your stuff deserves. You’ve made decisions that free you up to take on other home design tasks. Your drawers, shelves and racks will only have what YOU WANT on them. Nothing you don’t like, only the things you desire.

So transform your space this May and MAYbe your home will improve in design quality while you donate to others, and your mind is less distracted by unwanted stuff surrounding you and your loved ones.

Kind of an organic process that we all can be successful at. AND… sometimes we MAY require outside guidance. That’s a good thing. We are specialists trained to help you Choose your belongings in a way that works. We also design space for optimal positive energy Flow (chi) and specialize in entryways, bedrooms and well, the whole house, frankly.

Wishing you a MAY that maybe, just maybe provides you with breakthroughs in living, relationships and love of and appreciation for… your stuff!

Happy May!


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