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Monday, June 3,2024

Too Much Stuff

By David Hall  
Clear the Clutter by recognizing you have TOO MUCH STUFF (TMS).

Dear Reader, I hope you are enjoying SPRING-TIME, and now FATHER’S DAY and GRADUATION.

As we gear up for “hitting the road,” “getting out of town” and picking up our summer reading list… it’s also time to take a good honest look at your “stuff.”

How you have it, where you have it, and what it’s costing you both financially and energetically.

That’s right, having TOO MUCH STUFF (TMS) is like having extra baggage you’re lugging around. It’s heavy, not that functional, and it’s a buzz-killing formula for headaches, respiratory illness, moodiness, depression, anxiety and other feelings of lack.

If you experience TMS, you’re not alone. Did you know there’s actually a CLUTTERERS ANONYMOUS 12 step program? Did you know that one out of 10 Americans have TMS, and are storing it in a rented storage locker?

Did you know that your kids are not so keen on inheriting old serviceware? That china set of 24, the stemware from the “old country,” linens from dining room settings that well, just don’t get the use they once did… all these “cherished” items fall flat on the youngsters. They want LESS stuff, not MORE stuff. What to do, what to do???

The simplest way to CLEAR the CLUTTER is to DONATE your items -- those gently used but look like new pots, pans, crystal, china, glassware and silverware. Donation stores are abundant here in South Florida, whether you drop off at the Habitat for Humanity RESTORE or have them pick things up. Faith Farms has a huge following for furniture and many household items.

As part of our A Service, we drop off weekly to Faith Farms Ministries. They are grateful, and the donations go to helping people get back to a better life after incarceration.

The “feel good” factor is evident with CLEARING the CLUTTER… you’re helping out your fellow humans, and your hard-earned items get repurposed by others in need. What a feeling!!!

Letting go of older items also allows room for something NEW to show up in your closets.

Donate the torn, worn shoes, and make room for new styles.

Donate the linens that have languished, and acquire new table-setting items you’ll use more.

Throughout your home, you’ll find “problem” spots… like garages, like small closets jammed with stuff. Take a look at your own closet and really look at what’s being worn, and what’s outdated, older, or just not your style… purging these items and freeing up valuable closet space is a wonderful activity that CLEARS your MIND.

The distraction of clutter is just that… a distraction. So TACKLE that PILE of MAGAZINES you’ll “someday” have time to read. Go through your OLD MAIL, piles of BILLS you’ve likely already paid electronically. Take stock, rearrange the furniture, apply feng shui principles to home energies in each room, and delight in your renewing control, loving your stuff, and having it love you back!!!

The same goes for your CAR CONTENTS… clean out that trunk, toss away paper wrappers, have five pens in the console, not 25!!! And then, there’s your purses, ladies. Have you had a moment to physically flip over your purse and dump the contents??? You’ll be surprised at how HEAVY your purse has been, and how LIGHT it can be, once you remove unwanted, unneeded stuff.

That’s my rap for the month. Wishing you great ease in Clearing the Clutter… and as always, Consider my services should things get overwhelming for you. We are here to serve you.

May Peace Prevail on Earth. Clear the Clutter… Clear the Mind™


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