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Monday, October 3,2011

Who doesn't Love Halloween Candy?

By Dana Gore  
It’s that time of year again.

The weather cools down a bit, school is well in session and we’re seeing an ABUNDANCE of candy decorating the shelves of our beloved stores. Yep, Halloween is around the corner and with it comes CALORIES!

Now, before sending your kids to bed early so you could raid their bag of butterfingers and sugar babies, let me ask you this. Can you honestly stop with just one? Ok, maybe two. Here is why I ask.

October is only the beginning of a three month invitation to stuff ourselves silly! Think about it. Less than one month after Halloween is Thanksgiving, a holiday notoriously known for at least a weekend’s worth of some pretty rich foods then followed by December which is filled with holiday dinners and parties.

We know that within these next few months the possibilities of some extreme eating exist, so instead of being a buzz kill here and telling you to drop the tootsie pop, how about I recommend some smart strategies to allow you to have your candy corn and eat it too?

Tip – I Realize that candy is actually available all year round!

I firmly believe that we are accustomed to want what we think we can’t have and to stock up on anything we view as limited in quantity. If you recognize that candy is easily attainable 365 days of the year and that Halloween is just one day that society tells us to stock up for, there is a good chance that the aspect of “taboo” will disappear, leaving candy on October 31st to taste the same as it would on any random day in March.

Tip – 2 Freeze the chocolate! Almost everyone I know loves chocolate so I’m happy to tell you that I have found a great way to enjoy chocolate in moderate proportion. Keep all chocolate bars in the freezer and when the desire hits, break off a piece and treat it like a sucking candy (DO NOT chew on any chocolate with a filling if frozen)! This allows you to enjoy the pleasure of chocolate for several minutes while only consuming a minimal amount.

Everyone deserves a treat. By ditching the “hoarding” mentality behind candy consumption on Halloween, you’ll be free to enjoy the costumes AND treats free from guilt, cavities and indigestion!


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