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Tuesday, June 5,2012

Choose Your Timing

Strategic Selling

By Brian Tracy  

In my sales presentations, I always have a specific point at which I explain price for the first time. By that point in the conversation, the customer fully understands what I am selling and why it is the best choice for him, right now. Only then do I say, “I’ll bet you would like to know how much this is going to cost.”

You must increase her buying desire by emphasizing results and benefits. You do not increase buying desire by arguing about the price

But price does not come up until that point. I don’t mention it until I decide that it is appropriate to bring it up. If the price question comes up earlier, I put it off.

To reduce price sensitivity, continually focus your presentation on the value received rather than on the money charged. Talk about what the product does for the customer instead of its cost.


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