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Tuesday, October 6,2015

Discovery Zone

By Wayne Dyer  

Wayne Dyer
Wayne Dyer leaves a legacy of wisdom and inspiration as a true visionary. He led millions of people to seek more meaningful and authentic lives filled with real magic. Wayne will be missed and thankfully, his teachings will live on forever. Enjoy his column each month in The Happy Herald.

Most of us will probably find it difficult or even impossible to recollect what we abandoned so long ago when we adopted ego as our self-definition. But this picture of eight-month-old Tysen Humble (one of my grandchildren) in a bathtub has to inspire anyone looking at it to see the relevance of remembering.


What a joyous creature in rapturous harmony with life! Tysen’s expression reveals pure and complete bliss, and just looking at him is enough to make us smile - especially when we think about what we surely must have felt when we were his age.

This beautiful baby also communicates something to us about ourselves: As we remember our Spirit, we want to keep in mind Tysen’s state of jubilation and absolute contentment. It isn’t just a smile and a burst of laughter that’s responsible for that blissful expression on my little grandson’s face - there’s an invisible force coming through what we see in the photo, and that’s what we want to return to. If we could see our Spiritual Source with our eyes, we’d witness pure joy, ecstasy, happiness, and peace - the photo you see on the previous page is a personification of that. It’s also important to note that we emerged from the same vibrational energy as Tysen, and we had the same inner sensation that’s unmistakably evident on that baby’s face. It’s denied to no one.

If we train ourselves, we can recall feeling the bliss that’s on my grandson’s face and which inspires his entire persona. Everything we’ve ever experienced is still stored as an invisible memory, and we can access it if we choose. For example, when my grandmother was close to death and doing what some called “involuntary hallucinating”, she was pulling out all kinds of facts from her earliest days. Street addresses; the names of neighbors; locations of family outings; relationships with friends of her own mother, who were only there in my grandmother’s infancy - all of it was somehow available to her. It turned out that in some mysterious way, Grandma was tapping in to memories that everyone else thought couldn’t possibly be recalled because she was only a baby at the time.

I have no idea how she did this - all I know for certain is that we reach into our own personal history and bring to the present thoughts that impact our state of mind as well as our level of inspiration. You see, the mere recollection of something in the past that we call a memory is capable of affecting us either positively or negatively in the present moment; therefore, they’re extremely powerful tools for our current state of mind. Obviously there are some negative memories lurking around somewhere in the nethermost regions of our mind, but why access them if they’re going to cause us to feel uninspired? Instead, let’s think about how to get back to that delirious happiness that’s portrayed by the gleeful Tysen, who’s only a few months removed from 100 percent immersion in the rhapsodic arms of his original Creator.

What I’m trying to make clear here is that we’ve got to figure out how to return to where we came from in order to commune with our Spiritual Creator. Therefore, being inspired itself is going to require us to go back and do some major remembering.


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