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Monday, May 4,2020

On the Heels of COVID-19: A New Way Of Being

By Liz Sterling  
Somewhere in between your first morning thought and your final reflections before going to sleep tonight, take a few moments to pause and ponder this:

Is it possible these past few weeks have been an opportunity? An opening? An indicator of a new way of looking at ourselves and the world?

I certainly hope so, because one of my greatest fears is that we will slide back into business as usual. It seems all too clear, and history has shown, that we tend to forget our travails too easily. And yet I am reminded that the Renaissance came on the heels of the Great Plague.

Risk Analyst Francisco José Cano Galán, BBVA Madrid, wrote the following:

“The revolutionary effect of the Black Death was the inversion of the land/work relationship. The reduction in the workforce due to the high mortality rates made labor a scarce asset. Peasants began to have a certain degree of margin for negotiation, as the rentals for their land grew less costly, leading to an increase in their wages. In short, the conclusion that can be drawn is that peasants’ conditions improved due to labor shortages.”

Interestingly, we are witnessing similar shifts in society today. COVID-19 has influenced modifications in both wages and working conditions. These shifting times have also elicited a newfound respect and appreciation that has engendered more compassion and empathy for our brothers and sisters working on the front lines. Essential workers are hailed as heroes. Slaughterhouses – breeding grounds of infection and Petri dishes for the spread of disease – have closed. Nursing homes have been exposed and seen through a new lens, requiring mitigation and re-evaluation. Could we be on the forefront of a renaissance?

Galán further explains, “This social and demographic evolution gave rise to the Renaissance, a period which is particularly striking in terms of artistic expression, built around patronage, and which can be analyzed from different standpoints. Society had been plunged into depression and sadness, and the general state of unknowing; while it may seem incongruous, the reduction in population stimulated economic growth.”

“Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves if it is possible that a tragedy on this scale can alone cause so many changes as to bring about the end of the Middle Ages? While there are many different theories and interpretations, it was clearly a decisive factor for change, and one for which the society of the 15th century was not prepared.”

Here we are, in the 21st century, undergoing seismic waves of undulating change. I am proposing a novel approach to seeing OUR WORLD in a whole new light.

Throughout these days and months of staying in place, we have witnessed an interconnectedness that has brought forth awe. Did you see Andrea Bocelli’s “Music For Hope - Live From Duomo di Milano” that showcased pictures of the whole wide world in stillness on Easter Sunday?

Some of the online viewers of this extraordinary event wrote these comments following the livestreaming:

Zehra Betül: “I am Turkish and Muslim.

I love all people. Muslim, Christian, Jewish does not matter. I pray for everyone. It doesn’t matter which country we are from, which religion we believe in, which language we speak, the important thing is that we love and respect each other. Life is too short for all of us. I hope this virus will finish as soon as possible and we all learn a lesson from it. Life is good when you love it.”

Melissa Echols: “The scenes showing empty streets in many cities brought me to tears, tears for those we have lost worldwide, tears for the hopefulness in our hearts, and the ability to rise from this terrible time feeling a unity with people all over the world. May we remember this feeling of hope and unity with our brothers and sisters all over the world. Thank you for blessing my heart with your music!”

yct204 from Canada: “Don’t cry, everyone. This is just temporary. No matter joy or sorrow, prosperity or recession, everything in the world just stays temporarily. We’ve gone through a lot of difficult times in human’s history and we’ve all recovered and grown even stronger than before. Now, the Earth is taking a break. Give her some time and hold the hope. We’ll overcome this and live better. Love, hope and peace to everyone and to the whole world”.

We watch together as events unfold across the globe. We share stories and funny videos and with our new neighbors from Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. We Zoom with our global friends as we inspire each other with hope, inspiration and creativity. We have seen, throughout these unprecedented times, that the world is coming together, while it appears to be falling apart.

By the time you read this, you may already be on your way to or from somewhere. Before we run back into the world, let’s take a moment to be still, to reflect, and to acknowledge that we have just lived through a time in our lives that offers us entrée into a new way of being.

For me, the “new normal” doesn’t sound expansive enough for what we have experienced. Let’s consider a New Way of Being: of being present, being attentive, being appreciative, being grateful, being aware, being mindful, being loving, being connected, being one … One Mind, One Heart, One World!

This may be our new truth – let’s make it real!

Be well. Be safe. Be blessed.

Love, Liz

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