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Wednesday, August 2,2023


By Jon Ellis  
Through the institutions of society, we are falsely led to believe that the “others” – those who are not like us in appearance, purpose, opinion or belief – are against us. That we are either better, more deserving and favored by our Creator then them, or conversely that we are not as good or worthy. Whether we are referring to a planet of nations, a group, or an individual living in self-imposed isolation, the more fractured we allow ourselves to become, the less able we will be to express our personal freedom. While the positive energetic flow builds community, strengthens bonds, and encourages individuality, the negative power sows seeds of intolerance and separation. Its prime directive: to rip out the unifying threads from the fabric of life and lead the individual and the world on a fearful path to strife and isolation.

Regardless of our species, race, appearance or ideology, wisdom is the understanding that all sentient beings are Soul, and we are all of “one” family. In our natural state, there is goodwill for all, and one is never against or separated from anything or anyone. While it is true we are often as different as night and day, we should recognize that diversity is a nation’s or an individual’s greatest strength.

Stand together and be grateful for our unique characteristics, of who and what we are. Never be discouraged by the egoistic and ignorant, who bully and belittle us in their grasping for power, for they have not yet developed the spiritual eyes to respect and appreciate our unique qualities and gifts. Take to heart that their blindness is not a result of anything we have done, or a lack or deficiency on our part. There are plenty of awakened tribes who will delight in our quirky eccentricities and who will gladly accept us to their table. They will see, respect, and love us for who we are, and we will love them back.

Regardless of opinions, in the heart of our Creator, we remain equally valued, unconditionally loved integral masterpieces in Its Divine puzzle. Be joyous and connected, for what uplifts one, will uplift all. While we awaken to encompass ever greater levels of perspective and understanding, we will continue to rise, again and again shedding old limiting beliefs and concepts. By letting go of the old self, by embracing change, by cherishing our differences, we will develop the confidence to step through the open doors to greater acceptance and opportunities. If we are ever lost, sad, or feel that we don’t belong, remember to be still, close our eyes, and gently focus on love and gratitude, for in each present moment, we are not only where we are supposed to be, but we are exactly who and what we are supposed to be. If unity and connection is our fixed North Star, we will belong at every table!



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