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Wednesday, April 3,2013

The Walk-Away Close

By Brian Tracy  

One of the most common responses you will hear in selling anything is, “Let me think about it” or any variation thereof.


You can often save the sale by using a walk-away close. Like this:

Let’s say the prospect says, “Well, I’d like to shop around and see what else is available before I make a decision.” You respond by saying, “Mr. Prospect, that’s a good idea. But here’s the fact: We have been doing business here for many years. Most of our customers are repeat customers who come from referrals from other repeat customers. Every one of them has shopped all over town before they finally came back here and bought from us. You can go out and check other prices, but why put yourself through all that trouble? You’re probably going to end up back here anyway. Why don’t you make the decision right now? We can wrap it up for you and load it in your car, or we can have it out to you tomorrow morning.”


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